The Benefits Of Hiring An Immigration Lawyer When Applying For A Partner Visa


When applying for a partner visa, most people are usually in a dilemma of whether or not to hire an immigration lawyer. The truth is, hiring an experienced immigration lawyer can significantly increase the chances of getting visa approval. Below is an article discussing the benefits of hiring an immigration lawyer and the considerations to make when hiring an immigration lawyer. 

Choosing an appropriate visa

The lawyer will assess your current situation and advice whether you qualify for the partner visa. Other than the standard eligibility requirements, you must be a spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen. If you do not meet this requirement but still wish to be reunited with your partner in Australia, the lawyer will advise on alternative visas. For example, you could apply for a one-year tourist visa, then apply for a partner visa before the tourist visa expires. 

Organising your application documents

A problem faced by most applicants is that they do not know what documents to upload as they apply for the visa. It is especially so when the department asks them to prove the nature of their household, social and financial aspects of their relationship. An experienced immigration lawyer will inform you of the required documents. 

Handling correspondence with the Department of Home Affairs

Once you lodge the visa application, the department could ask you to clarify some of the information you provided. Your lawyer will handle this correspondence to ensure you do not give conflicting or wrong information. 

Visa interviews

Visa interviews enable the department to review the authenticity of the information that you provided. More often than not, the case officer conducting the interview could ask tricky questions to establish whether you provided false information. Without the representation of your immigration lawyer, you could easily contradict yourself during the interview. The lawyer will watch the case officer to ensure they do not cross ethical and professional boundaries when conducting the interview. Additionally, the lawyer will inform you of the questions that you should not answer. 

Hiring an immigration lawyer 

Consider the following when hiring an immigration lawyer: 

  • If you are not in Australia, conduct due diligence to ensure the lawyer has a valid licence to offer immigration services in Australia.
  • Assess the lawyer's reputation. 
  • Your lawyer should have a friendly personality. 
  • Consider lawyers that offer additional services to ensure a comfortable stay once you arrive in the country. 

You now know the benefits of engaging an immigration lawyer as you apply for your partner visa. Your lawyer should be licensed and experienced. Besides, they should have an excellent reputation and friendly personality. 


19 April 2021

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